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Our AI algorithm has mapped and grouped over 1 million houses

Properties are grouped together based on a variety of criteria. Our advanced AI technology will analyze each property's location, size, layout, and age to determine which ones are technically similar and should be grouped together.

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Choose our template package for best value or custom package for unique designs to meet your any specific needs perfectly.


Loft (1 Bed, en-suit) + Dormer,
3m 1 storey rear


Loft (1 Bed),
3m 1 storey rear

Our package solutions are a cost-effective alternative to hiring an architect. Saving you money on design fees (often upto 1/3 of the price). Our streamlined process also ensures a quicker turnaround time, allowing you to start building your dream home sooner.

How do we do it?

Following the devastation of World War II, the UK faced a severe housing shortage. To address this, the government embarked on a massive building campaign, resulting in the construction of millions of new homes.

These homes typically featured similar designs, terraced or semi-detached houses, often with similar facades. Using AI we mapped and grouped homes that are technically similar.

We can therefore provide template designs for thousands of homes bringing down the price of the designs significantly.